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Football Skills Training


Our Football Skills Specific Training is trained by an All Star staff of Coaches that have either played or coached in the Collegiate and Professional levels of football. During this course, we work on techniques to excel in your position on the field, conduct camp/combine training as well as speed & agility training. Overall, our football skill program is designed to prepare our athletes to play at the next level.

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Pro Day & Combine Training

pro day

We specialize in Pro-Day and Combine Training that provides extensive training to assist our athletes in reaching their Professional Football Goals. Coach Davis studied under some of the top trainers in the nation to learn what works and does not work. He has combined those techniques with his own to perfect the craft of CombineSkills Training. [one_half_last] Our extensive Pro-Day and Combine Training consist of the following: 225 lb. Bench

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Professional & Collegiate Athletic Training

We not only want to take your game to the next level, but we want to keep your game at the next level. Our team of professional trainers will custom build a personal training program to meet your individual goals and needs. [one_half_last] Professional and Collegiate Athletic Training consist of the following: Pre-Season Camp conditioning           Off season conditioning Skills Specific Training        

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Adult Fitness Program

adult fitness

One of Priority Training’s programs is the Adult Fitness Program. Being active is one of the most important things in our daily lives! It enhances our quality of life and will greatly contribute to the betterment of our health. It reduces the risk of multiple health problems and helps manage preexisting health disorders such as, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, diabetes, and high levels of cholesterol. [one_half_last] Our program consists

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